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Child health and nutrition - Importance of nutrition on child's health.

Introduction : ''We are what we eat'',as the saying goes. Nutrition plays a crucial role in development and growth of child and ensures well-being. Here are few tips for nutrition in kids- Grains and Pulses : Include variety of grains like rice, ragi, wheat,along with pulses like toor dal , green gram, etc.. It gives carbohydrates along with proteins. Proteins  : Proteins are building blocks and necessary for growth and development in children. Include eggs, chicken, mutton. If u are vegetarian , Include alternative sources like soy, paneer, tofu. Dairy products : Milk, Curd, Cottage cheese gives calcium for bone growth.  Sunlight : Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium . Sun is natural source of vitamin D . Early morning sunlight and evenings are best suited and hence outdoor play can be scheduled in these hours. Turmeric : Add a pinch of turmeric to milk. Its natural antibiotic  and has other health benef

Vitamin D deficiency - Symptoms , Diagnosis and supplementation.

Mrs. Sita is 54 year old housewife . She developed diabetes 4 years ago and was constantly feeling tired in-spite of following diet, physical activity and oral hypoglycemic medication.  Most of the regular check ups done revealed normal study. This tiredness sometimes better and sometimes worst now part of her life. Recently, tiredness increased to an extent which impaired her activities of daily living. That's when vitamin D levels was done which showed 11.78 ng/ml indicating she was deficient for vitamin D which was reason for her unexplained tiredness.  She followed the report with doctor who gave her oral supplements  and she felt much better.  India is a tropical country with an abundant sunlight . Despite which many deficient cases of vitamin D are seen. Vitamin D is synthesised by our skin from cholesterol  in our body upon exposure to the  sunlight through a chemical reaction. SOURCES OF VITAMIN D : Sunlight : Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D