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A Wholesome Breakfast - Ragi Dosa .


 Ragi is the common name of Finger millet grown in few regions of  South India. It is very nutritious grain rich in Calcium ,Protein, Iron and other Minerals. There is a saying in Kannada,'' Ragi Thindava Nirogi,'' means one who eats ragi is free of disease, such is nutritional value of Ragi.

Well, this is my first recipe blog. The recipe is Ragi dosa. Here,I have made a Ragi powder which needs Fermentation . So, if you are preparing it for breakfast u need to mix the powder with water and keep in the night itself and use the fermented batter in the morning for dosa.

Preparation of Ragi dosa powder :

1 kg cleaned Ragi,
1/4 kg urad dal,
50 gms fenugreek seeds,
50 gms cumin seeds
1 bunch curry leaves(washed and dried)  (optional)

Put all these ingredients in a machine and store in an airtight container. Use it when required. U can store this upto 3 to 4 months. Make sure it doesnt come in contact with water.

How to prepare the batter :

Take 2 big cups of prepared ragi powder in a bowl , add 3 tablespoon of wheat flour , 3 tablespoon rice flour , salt mix these powders add water mix it well to dosa batter consistency and leave it for 7 to 8 hours for fermentation. 

Prepared Ragi Powder
 Ragi batter after fermentation

Batter consistency

Dosa preparation :

  Keep the tawa on the stove ,once heated put oil spread it on tawa and pour the batter and spread it. U can spread it like normal dosa but let it be bit thick compared to normal dosa. U can add ghee to enhance its taste. Cook  on medium flame once cooked flip it  on other side and cook .

Dosa is ready to serve . u can combine it with groundnut chutney.

Nutritional Information :

Ragi is rich in calcium, protein , iron and other minerals.

Fenugreek seeds lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In this dosa, fenugreek seeds give a good aroma.

Cumin helps in digestion.

Conclusion :

Children who eat this grain regularly tend to be not deficient in Calcium and Iron which are crucial Minerals for Growth and Development. U can make Ragi ball, Ragi porridge out of this grain. Ragi too is gluten free and gluten allergic people can take this grain without worry. 

By Divya Lokesh.


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