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Few ways to reuse the RO water wastage..

Our earth is covered with 71% of  water. Most of water is  in oceans which we cannot use owing to its salinity. Only 2.5% of water is potable which we can use. This introduction is so familiar to us ,as this is what we have learnt in our schools alot of times. But I repeated this known fact for a reason. Three years back, we got a RO water purifier installed, that's when I realised the amount of water wastage. To purify, 9 litres of water  a big bucket of water comes out as a wastage. I decided to reuse this. Here are some ways I reuse the waste water from purifier : Cleaning Toilets, Bathrooms : Pour the waste water in the bucket of bathrooms and reuse to clean the sinks , taps, commode and tiles of bathroom. Cleaning floor : Water Plants : U can water plants in your house.  Do check if it affects the plant growth and continue as the RO reject water has high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids, like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium bicarbonate, Chlorides an

8 Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure from Cell Phones .

Introduction : Its an era of cell phones. Our everyday life is almost dependant on cell phones .It has replaced an alarm, calculator, remainder diary notes, photo album, etc... Clothes, grocery shopping, booking for taxi, maps,  School projects, vast information at your fingertips, the list goes endless.. We cannot cut down the usage of cell phones owing to the benefits and also the harmful radiations which comes along with it..but we can minimise the levels of radiation ..Here are few tips to reduce the radiation ... 1. KEEP THE PHONE AT DISTANCE WHEN NOT IN USE : Sometimes we just carry phone everywhere and keep it beside us. Its better to keep the phone at distance when we aren't using it. This way we can minimise the effects  of radiation on our health. 2. SWITCH OFF THE MOBILE DATA WHEN NOT IN USE : Turn on the data when you have to check for the messages and turn off when u aren't using. This way you will reduce radiation to greater ext

Back pain relief - 5 Effective Measures to relieve Back pain naturally at home..

Introduction : Body Mechanics is a word used to describe how we move about, bend, lift the objects . If we do not follow proper body mechanics,it hurts our back causing back pain. Therefore, proper posture is the key to overcome this and must be incorporated into your daily life. I have severe back pain said Riya . Mira said, I too have back pain and it all started after my C- Sec . Often women blame C sec for the back pain and I too was one among them. One day, the back pain was too bad and I started to think ,'' Am I straining my back muscles and Is that the reason for my backpain ?'' . I remembered body mechanics chapter I read in  my degree .. Thereafter I followed correct posture while doing activities in everyday life and noticed a relief in back pain to considerable amount. Well, this is my experience..and taught why not write a blog on this topic. 1. Posture :     Maintain proper spinal alignment while sitting, standing and sleeping.