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Back pain relief - 5 Effective Measures to relieve Back pain naturally at home..

Introduction :

Body Mechanics is a word used to describe how we move about, bend, lift the objects . If we do not follow proper body mechanics,it hurts our back causing back pain. Therefore, proper posture is the key to overcome this and must be incorporated into your daily life.

I have severe back pain said Riya . Mira said, I too have back pain and it all started after my C- Sec . Often women blame C sec for the back pain and I too was one among them. One day, the back pain was too bad and I started to think ,'' Am I straining my back muscles and Is that the reason for my backpain ?'' . I remembered body mechanics chapter I read in  my degree .. Thereafter I followed correct posture while doing activities in everyday life and noticed a relief in back pain to considerable amount. Well, this is my experience..and taught why not write a blog on this topic.

1. Posture :

    Maintain proper spinal alignment while sitting, standing and sleeping. When we were small kids ,we were told to sit properly if we bend and sit . As we grow old we forget this and not sit straight.

When you are at desk ,in front of laptop make sure u sit straight and place the laptop at your eye level and not keep at low level that u have to bend your neck for long hours. Bending your neck, can add extra weight on the cervical spine causing headaches to neck pain. It can also have effect on the curvature of spine which is irreversible.
 These are some measures u can do :
  • Maintain head ,neck,shoulder in neutral position.
  • Try looking forward and read instead of bending your chin.
  • Cut down your screen time.

2. Adjust the length of work

For ex: If you are giving bath to your child and the child is sitting, you too sit on the small chair as per the height of the child . This way u don't need to bend at your waist for long time and your back muscles are not strained. Apply this technique to your activities of daily living and minimise fatigue and back pain.

3. Lifting the object :

When you have to lift the object from ground , bend your knees to lift than bending at waist. This way u use larger muscle groups like calf muscle and strain to back is avoided.

Stand with  your feet apart to create a base of support and bend your knees and lift the object.

4. Stretching:

When you have to maintain in same posture for long intervals of time, take a break and stretch yourself.

Woman Doing Yoga on Top of Building

5. Exercise :

Exercise helps in strengthening of back muscles . Do simple back exercises . Exercises is natural way to release endorphins which are natural pain killers.

Woman With White Sunvisor Running

Effects of poor posture :
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Fatigue
  • Wear and Tear of muscles.

Conclusion :

Understanding the importance of following good posture and incorporating it in everyday life prevents injuries and pains. Therefore, I say follow body mechanics in doing basic things such as sitting, standing,lifting and minimise pain and injury .


  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I have arthritis in my back and need to do more stretching. This was a good reminder.

  2. Thanks alot for your valuable comment..


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