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Few ways to reuse the RO water wastage..

Our earth is covered with 71% of  water. Most of water is  in oceans which we cannot use owing to its salinity. Only 2.5% of water is potable which we can use. This introduction is so familiar to us ,as this is what we have learnt in our schools alot of times. But I repeated this known fact for a reason.

Three years back, we got a RO water purifier installed, that's when I realised the amount of water wastage. To purify, 9 litres of water  a big bucket of water comes out as a wastage. I decided to reuse this. Here are some ways I reuse the waste water from purifier :

Cleaning Toilets, Bathrooms : Pour the waste water in the bucket of bathrooms and reuse to clean the sinks , taps, commode and tiles of bathroom.

White Bathroom Interior

Cleaning floor :

Person Using Mop on Floor

Water Plants : U can water plants in your house.  Do check if it affects the plant growth and continue as the RO reject water has high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids, like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium bicarbonate, Chlorides and Sulphates)

Green Golden Snake Plant and Two Aloe Vera Plants

Sometimes,when I am sick and feel tired to carry the water here & there -

I fill it in a tub in kitchen & use for cleaning kitchen slabs, cleaning the floor, to wet the used utensils.

There are other ways you can use the water:

1) To clean the car and
2) To clean the stairs of your house.

 Washing a car with a sponge

Recently, when they changed the filters of our water purifier, the wastage of water is very minimal compared to the previous. I appreciate that technology.

I have seen many houses, do not reuse the water owning to many reasons. In this busy life, people have less time to collect, carry and reuse the water .When I had fever, I had let go off waste water in the sink and feeling guilty later. Sometimes, I feel if there is a technology like  the wastage water goes into under ground through some pipes that would  pump up underground water . 

Let us save water as much as possible by us . It's a high time to save water. There is a fight between states and nation for water. Let our next generation have adequate water for survival. Its more important to save water and pass on to our children than materialistic things .'' Conserve water thus Conserves our Mother Earth.''

By Divya Lokesh.


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