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6 Tips to prevent Iron deficiency Anemia and maximise iron absorption in our body..


I met my friend who told me that she was on Iron supplements as her haemoglobin level is low. She was also taking an antacid tablet for her acidity . She would take an antacid, have breakfast and then take Iron supplement. Was she doing right ? The answer is NO, because the antacid will interfere with the Iron absorption.

Iron is an important component of haemoglobin (Hb) in Red blood cells(RBC). Haemoglobin in red blood cells contain iron which carries oxygen to our body. Therefore , lack of iron in our body leads to Iron deficiency Anemia.

Signs and Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia :

Extreme tiredness

Pale skin

Hair loss

Brittle nails



If haemoglobin is too low,

Chest pain

Tachycardia ( increased heart rate )

Iron rich sources :

Green leafy vegetables specially spinach, drumstick.

Lentils such as soyabeans




Egg yolks

Dates :

Tips to prevent iron deficiency anemia :

1. Take Iron rich food :

Include iron rich foods in your diet.
2. Use jaggery instead …

Thaimine( Vitamin B1) deficiency and its link to alcoholism.

Vitamin B1, is also called as Thiamine.

Function :

*Thiamine helps in muscle contraction and conduction of nerve signals.
*Helps in providing nourishment to all digestive organs and regulates appetite.

In Alcoholics :

There is an inflammation of Gastrointestinal lining causing reduced ability of body to absorb thiamine.

Deficiency :
Thiamine deficiency causes Beri-Beri. Beri- Beri causes reduced muscle strength causing muscle paralysis. Extreme deficiency result in brain damage.

*Stop alcoholism
*If not possible , limit alcohol intake.
*Eat nutritious food.
*Thiamine rich sources are Meat Eggs, legumes, peas..

Vitamin B1 Sources :

15 Everyday Habits to Prevent Depression .

Depression is increasing in this busy world at an alarming rate. It is a common mental illness .''Prevention is better than cure.'' In this blog, I will discuss few measures, we can implement in our lives to prevent depression.

1. Go for a walk :

These days people are used to vehicles even for a shorter distance. Instead take a walk . Physical activity like walking, exercises releases endorphins which gives positive feeling and makes us happy.

2. Intake Nutritious Food :

Include variety of  fruits in your diet. Bananas contain serotonin which increases feeling of well-being .
Check your Vitamin B-12 levels . If deficient, take supplement.

3. Reduce intake of alcohol, caffeine and smoking : These are habit forming and increase in dependence may cause depression.

4. Remove all the negative people around u : Forgive the people who hurt u so that u can live peacefully and also keep away from people who always speak negative. 

5. Do not compare yourself with others : Understand eac…