15 Everyday Habits to Prevent Depression .

Depression is increasing in this busy world at an alarming rate. It is a common mental illness .''Prevention is better than cure.'' In this blog, I will discuss few measures, we can implement in our lives to prevent depression.

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1. Go for a walk : 

These days people are used to vehicles even for a shorter distance. Instead take a walk . Physical activity like walking, exercises releases endorphins which gives positive feeling and makes us happy.

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2. Intake Nutritious Food :

Include variety of  fruits in your diet. Bananas contain serotonin which increases feeling of well-being .
Check your Vitamin B-12 levels . If deficient, take supplement.

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3. Reduce intake of alcohol, caffeine and smoking : These are habit forming and increase in dependence may cause depression.

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4. Remove all the negative people around u : Forgive the people who hurt u so that u can live peacefully and also keep away from people who always speak negative. 

5. Do not compare yourself with others : Understand each individual is unique and have different abilities.

6. Stop overthinking :  There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts . Stop unnecessary overthinking which does only harm to your body.

7. Listen to music you love : Music helps in eliminating physical and mental exhaustion .

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8. Yoga : Involve yourself in yoga , meditation. It calms your mind and gives emotional stability.

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9. Vitamin D : Expose yourself to vitamin D as lack of it in your body may cause depression.

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10. Read books : A little reading is all the therapy a person needs sometimes.

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10. Cut your screen time : Reduce time spent on TV and mobile.

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11. Avoid junk food: Foods high on the glycemic index like added sugar and refined grains are linked to depression.

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12. Do good : If possible, do good to others .If it's not possible to do good, at least do not harm others intentionally. This way ,u will have clear conscious and positivity in your life. 

13. Pregnant and postpartum phase : There is a vast hormonal play in our body in this phase of life . Do yoga, meditate , relax . Do not over think . 
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14. Sports : These days kids too are stressed up with heavy competition around them . Allow children to play and include them in some sport activity . 

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15. Sleep : Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Avoid screen time before going to sleep. 

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Conclusion : 

These are some of ways we can prevent depression . I too follow few of them . Counselling sessions and medications takes up alot of time and money. Better prevent than cure. What do u say?

By Divya Lokesh.

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