Cancer Prevention - Tips to lower the risk of cancer.

In this blog,we will learn few ways that can prevent  cancer.
Now a days, we get to hear alot about cancer . It is increasing probably due to modern lifestyle, chemically grown crops , sedentary lifestyle, usage of plastics , smoking and the list is endless .

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Avoid plastics and aluminium foil when it comes to food :

The chemicals in plastic seeps into the food or drink . It is high when u place the hot food or drink. Even u freeze the containers the entry of chemicals is also increased . Therefore, both hot and cold extreme temperature results in entry of chemicals to food.

  • Do not drink tea or hot beverages in plastic cup.
  • Avoid chats in plastic plate
  • Avoid  parcel of foods in plastic .
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Stop smoking:

Smoking is the major cause of cancer .
 It causes many types of cancer including throat,head
and neck,oral,larynx,liver,pancreas,stomach,bladder,kidney,cervix and few types of leukemia. So if u notice, smoking leads to cancer of almost all the body parts from head to toe.
If you don't smoke but  are a passive smoker you are at risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore,do not stand in a place where others smoke.
Red and Yellow Stop! Sticker 

Limit alcohol: 

Drinking alcohol on regular basis may cause head and neck cancer. Therefore , limit the alcohol intake.

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Eat fibre rich foods :

Fruits and vegetables are rich source of fiber . It prevents cancer specially intestinal cancer. 

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli ' cabbage, cauliflower are rich in sulforaphranes which is known to prevent cancer.

Carrots : Eating carrots is known to reduce certain types of cancer especially intestinal cancer.

Close-up Photography of Orange Carrots

Cinnamon : Take 1/4 spoon of cinnamon a day, its known to reduce head and neck cancers.

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Turmeric: Curcurmin present in turmeric is known to be anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti carcinogenic.

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Soursop : It is  nutrient dense fruit with a lot of health benefits.Rich in Vitamin C and fiber is known to kill cancer cells. Although, its not proved scientifically.

Avoid canned foods:

BPA [Bisphenol - A] is a chemical used in manufacturing hard plastic. The foods in these Cans are exposed to these chemicals   makes the food carcinogenic. These days due to the busy life we depend on ready to eat processed foods. Once in awhile is okay but not frequently.

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Limit intake of fast foods:

Filled with empty calories and alot of processing in these foods puts a high risk of obesity and cancer.

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Get physically active and maintain healthy weight:

Leading sedentary lifestyle causes obesity which puts you in disease zone.

Practice safe sex and Stop re use of injections:

Hepatitis  B leads to liver cancer at later stages . Therefore practice safe sex and avoid blood contact of others which is the reason for Hepatitis B.

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Know your Genetic history :

Some cancers are hereditary.  Breast cancer , colorectal cancer , ovarian cancer, prostate cancer are few. If your close ones have regular health screening helps. Cancer if detected early has good prognosis.

Mammography after age of 35 if genetic history is advisable.
Breast self examination can be done. If lumps are noticed consult doctor immediately.


HPV[Human Papilloma Virus] vaccination prevents cervical, vulvar,vaginal cancer in women. All the girls and women should be immunised with vaccine.It is good to be given at the age group of 10 to 15 years. 

Avoid mid day sun:
Radiation is high when intensity of the sun rays high .Avoid sunlight from 10 am to 3 pm. Vitamin D is essential for healthy functioning of our body cells . Expose to early morning and evening sunlight.



Avoid unnecessary tests :
Avoid unnecessary tests which involves radiation like X Ray, CT scan,MRI . Staff working in these department are at risk of high level exposure , an occupational hazard should take necessary precautions.

Be aware of the warning signs of cancer:

C- Change in bowel or bladder pattern
A- A Change in bowel or bladder movement.
U - Unusual bleeding
T- Thickening or lump anywhere in the body.
I- Indigestion
O- Obvious change in a wart or mole.
N- Nagging cough or Hoarseness of voice.

If you find the above symptoms , better check with
doctor once and get treated early to prevent complications.

Conclusion :

Follow healthy lifestyle and avoid addictions to alcohol and   smoking. Lead a stress free life . Follow regular screening according to the genetic history. Early diagnosis is the key. Cancer has stages 1,2,3 and 4. Stage 1 is limited to a particular area which can be treated. Stage 2 and 3 involves extension to the lymph nodes. Stage 4 involves metastasis to the other organ. Be aware of the warning signs and get screened early.

Divya Lokesh.
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