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Mesothelioma - definition,causes, types,symptoms,diagnosis,treatment , prognosis and lawsuit.

Before we know, What is Mesothelioma? Let us understand ,What is Mesothelium? Mesothelium : Mesothelium is simple squamous epithelium that forms the lining of pleura (lining of lungs) , peritoneum (lining of abdomen), pericardium (lining of heart). Function of Mesothelium :  Protects the internal organs. Provides a slippery surface and allows free movement of the organs thus aiding in the function of organs. Now , we will go through Mesothelioma.  Mesothelioma : ''Oma'' means '' Tumour or abnormal growth''. Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer which affects the mesothelium layer of lungs, abdomen, pericardium or testes. Incidence : Mesothelioma is very rare cancer . It usually affects men than women. It has long latency period from 10 to 50 years and hence seen more in old age group. Geographic incidence of mesothelioma is high in places where asbestos mining is located.  Although few countries have banned asbestos , developing

What to do and what not to during loose stools ? Here is an answer..Read to find out..

Introduction : Loose stools is common to all age groups from children to old age. It is frequent in smaller children who are exposed to lot of micro -organisms during play and their habit of keeping fingers in mouth . Recently, I met my friend with her 3 year old son. Her son had loose stools since 2 days but she was giving milk to the child  which would  increase the frequency of loose stools. Here, I discuss few Dos and Don'ts during loose stools. Before that, let's see the causes of loose stools first. Causes of loose stools : Infection /Food poisoning  : Certain bacteria, virus , parasites causes inflammation of the stomach and small intestine which enters through contaminated food , water or hands leading to loose stools. Certain medical conditions may cause loose stools: Ex: Diseases relating to digestive system like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease. Stress : Stress releases hormones which effects the gastric motility caus

15 Simple changes in cooking towards healthier lifestyle.

Introduction : Cooking is an art. When you mix it with a science of nutrition you can reap its maximum benefits.'' We are what we eat'' and so focus on the simple changes in your cooking methods for healthier lifestyle. 1. Replace refined white rice with parboiled rice : Parboiled rice has a low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics too. It has good amount of fiber,calcium,potassium,and vitamin B6 than the refined white rice. If you find difficult to use for all the varieties of food, use it for curd rice as parboiled rice goes well with curd rice. 2. Replace refined oil with filtered oil : Refining process removes all the nutrients and also certain chemicals are added which may be bad for our health. Therefore, use filtered oil. 3. Replace  refined sugar with Jaggery or Honey : Refined sugar manufacturing involves use of chemicals which are harmful.  Use Jaggrey, honey or stevia which comes with lot of other health benefits too. 

Have Canker sores (Mouth ulcers) ? Is your toothpaste responsible ? Read out this blog about SLS and its side effects.

Introduction : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent widely used in toothpaste, household detergents, shampoos, cleaning agents to enhance the function of the product. It is inexpensive and an effective foaming agent and so is extensively used . One of my friend had canker sore ( Ulcers in  Mouth  ) for few months. She had taken vitamin supplements but all in vain. That is when I came across this relation between Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and canker sores. Sodium Lauryl sulfate is an irritant which irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth which causes canker sores. She replaced her toothpaste with SLS free toothpaste which is when she noticed her canker sores were healing. For many there may be no reaction to Sodium Lauryl sulfate but few may have its side effects like canker sores . Myths about SLS : There was news that SLS causes cancer but the American Cancer Society ruled out that SLS  is not carcinogen but it is a known irritant .   Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Al