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15 Simple changes in cooking towards healthier you..

Introduction :

Cooking is an art. When you mix it with a science of nutrition you can reap its maximum benefits.'' We are what we eat'' and so focus on the simple changes in your cooking methods for healthier lifestyle.

Spices on Bowl Near Knife on Chopping Boad

1. Replace refined white rice with parboiled rice :

Parboiled rice has a low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics too. It has good amount of fiber,calcium,potassium,and vitamin B6 than the refined white rice.

If you find difficult to use for all the varieties of food, use it for curd rice as parboiled rice goes well with curd rice.

Selective Focus Photography of Fried Rice in Bowl

2. Replace refined oil with filtered oil :

Refining process removes all the nutrients and also certain chemicals are added which may be bad for our health. Therefore, use filtered oil.

Bowl Being Poured With Yellow Liquid

3. Replace  refined sugar with Jaggery or Honey :

Refined sugar manufacturing involves use of chemicals which are harmful.  Use Jaggrey, honey or stevia which comes with lot of other health benefits too. 

Honey on White Bowl

4. Use sprouted grams more than unsprouted ones :

Sprouting increases protein value . Therefore use sprouted grams atleast once in a week.

Sprouting benefits :

Sprouted green gram has more anti oxidants, amino acids and less calories compared to unsprouted grams. That's a lot of benefits.  Isn't it?

White Ceramic Bowl

5. Steam vegetables :

Steaming retains nutritional value to greater extent and hence steam vegetables .

Sliced Vegetable and Cooked Food on White Ceramic Plate

6. Reduce consumption of ready to eat foods:

Ready to eat foods contain high salt content and preservatives.  Therefore prepare your food more and use ready foods once in a while.

Person Putting Noodles Plate

7. Cook food in steel or clay pots if possible.  

Avoid  aluminium vessels. Food cooked in aluminium vessels can absorb aluminium . Some effects on long term exposure include peptic ulcers,indigestion and also predisposes to osteoporosis.

Brown and Gray Clay Serving Pots

8.  Replace nonstick cookware with Iron pans :

Nonstick has coating chemical coating which reacts with food which are harmful for our health. Follow our traditional cooking utensils.

Cast Iron Skillet on Table With Species

9. Do not stock up fruits and vegetables in refrigerator :

Long time piling of fruits and vegetables looses nutritive value. Buy often and fresh.

Person Carrying Basket of Vegetables

10. Wash green leafy vegetables properly :

Green leafy vegetables are good source of nutrition to us containing alot of vitamins and minerals. It has to be washed properly as the leaves may have unseen eggs of parasite especially during rainy season.

Close-up Photo Of Green Leafed Plants

11. Cook  the Meat properly :

Meat has to be cooked properly . Eating under cooked meat results in parasitic infections. Eating under cooked pork results in Trichinosis ,an infection caused by roundworm Trichinella spiralis. Boiling meat at higher temperatures kills the trichinella larvae .

Close-Up Photo of Man Cooking Meat

12. Limit salt intake : 

Use salt moderately . Add a bit less salt than desired. While sodium, chloride  and iodine is essential for us , we need in lesser concentration. Therefore, salt is very much required but in lesser quantities. 

Side view of a  bottle with salt

13. Cook more with seasonal vegetables : 

Seasonal vegetables are rich in required nutrients necessary for that particular season and also there would be less addition of chemicals as it grows in that season naturally. 

Green and Orange Squash

14. Include healthy fats in your diet more than saturated fats :

Include almonds, cashews, nuts in your diet which are high in HDL (High density Lipoprotein) which is called Good cholesterol.  

Brown Almond Nuts on White Ceramic Bowl

15. Use a pinch or two of turmeric in your everyday diet : 

Turmeric has lot of medicinal properties. Curcumin present in turmeric has an anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which also lowers risk of heart disease and also prevents cancer.
It has natural antibiotic and antiviral properties too. Include this spice in your everyday diet.

Assorted Spices Near White Ceramic Bowls

Conclusion :

Eat mindfully , enjoying the taste as it prevents ending up eating in larger quantities. Treat yourself with the food you love . More of healthy food and less of junk . Keep in mind these simple tips in cooking for the healthier versions. Hope you follow these. If you have some more tips which may help others please add in your comments.

Thank you,

Divya Lokesh .


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