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Have Canker sores (Mouth ulcers) ? Is your toothpaste responsible ? Read out this blog about SLS and its side effects.

Introduction :

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent widely used in toothpaste, household detergents, shampoos, cleaning agents to enhance the function of the product. It is inexpensive and an effective foaming agent and so is extensively used .

Toothpaste Being Put on Yellow Toothbrush

One of my friend had canker sore ( Ulcers in Mouth ) for few months. She had taken vitamin supplements but all in vain. That is when I came across this relation between Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and canker sores. Sodium Lauryl sulfate is an irritant which irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth which causes canker sores. She replaced her toothpaste with SLS free toothpaste which is when she noticed her canker sores were healing.

For many there may be no reaction to Sodium Lauryl sulfate but few may have its side effects like canker sores .

Myths about SLS :

There was news that SLS causes cancer but the American Cancer Society ruled out that SLS  is not carcinogen but it is a known irritant .

  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Allergy :

As you now know that SLS is an irritant, for few it causes allergy like reaction .

  •  It irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth causing canker sores. It may even exacerbate the existing canker sores thus delaying healing process. 

  • If you are using a SLS containing shampoo , and develop irritation of scalp , redness of eyes, and acne ,most probably you are allergic to SLS.Macro Shot Photography Of Herbal Shampoo Bottle
  •  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in face wash leaves your face feeling of freshness . But the irritant nature may exacerbate acne. Go for SLS free one's if you are allergic.
Woman Washing Her Face With Water

SLS free toothpaste in India:

Note : This is not a sponsored post.

Dabur red toothpaste:

This is SLS free toothpaste with clove, mint and garlic extracts . I have used this toothpaste and felt its good. Use this if you are suffering from canker ulcers .

Himalaya Complete Care toothpaste :

This too is  SLS free toothpaste with neem and pomegranate extracts .

Sensodyne toothpaste :

Most of the sensodyne toothpaste are free from SLS.

These are the 3 toothpaste I have used which are SLS free. You  can research  for the few others if you want more options.

Conclusion :

There are many times we are unaware what is causing canker sores and we try many other treatment methods. Existing canker sores are worsened by use of the toothpastes containing SLS. Replace to SLS free toothpaste for early recovery from canker sores

Irritation of scalp, redness of eyes, acne formation on forehead and other parts of eyes too is the result of SLS side effects. Replace with SLS free shampoo.

Therefore, next time you go for shopping , look for the contents and select SLS free products if you are allergic to it.

Thank you,
Divya Lokesh.


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