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12 Best Calcium Rich Foods. Calcium - Deficiency and Supplementation.

Calcium is an important mineral in our body. 99 percent of bones is constituted with calcium. Apart from giving structure there are other vital functions. Let's go through it. Functions of calcium : Formation of bones and teeth. Plays an important role in blood clotting cascade thus aiding in blood clotting. Helps in transmission of nerve impulses. Helps in contraction of heart. RDA  ( Recommended Daily Allowance) : 1000 mg ( 1 gm) for adults. 1200 mg for women over 50 years. 1300 mg for children upto 18 years of age. Sources of calcium : Dairy products 1. Milk :  Milk is a great source of calcium. It also contains Vitamin D which helps in calcium  absorption. A cup of milk contains 270 to 350 mg of calcium depending on the fat content.  2. Curds :  A cup of curds gives you 30 % of daily required calcium intake. It also contains healthy bacteria required for our gut along with vitamin B2 and B12. 3. Cheese : 30 gm of cheese contains 240 mg of calcium.

Top 15 Benefits of Betel Leaf. Methods to grow and store Betel Leaves explained.

Introduction : Betel leaves has a significant traditional importance in every Indian household. Festivals is incomplete without the presence of betel leaves . We complete the food with betel leaves on certain occasions as it helps in digestion. Along with helping in digestion there are other benefits. Here in this blog, I am listing out few health benefits of betel leaves. Note that I am referring to plain betel leaves and not the betel nuts used with betel leaves. 1. Nutritive values : Betel leaves is rich in  Vitamin C ,  Vitamin B1 (thiamine),  Vitamin B3 (niacin),  Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin ) Carotene. It is also a great source of  minerals like Calcium Magnesium 2. Reduces blood glucose levels : It has anti diabetic properties as it reduces blood glucose levels. Betel leaves fights the oxidative stress due to its antioxidant property lowering the blood glucose levels.  3. Prevents cancer : Chewing betel leaves helps in prevention of oral cancer as it contains al

Tomatoes - Health Benefits and Mouthwatering Andhra styled Tomato pickle recipe.

Introduction : Tomato is botanically a fruit ,used as a vegetable in our daily cuisines which gives taste along with its nutrients.  Tomato is rich in antioxidants named lycopene which is good for heart health and also found to reduce the risk of cancer.  It also has vitamin C, potassium, Folate and Vitamin K. Tomatoes are also good for vision because of its Vitamin A content. The same holds for hair too. It makes hair stronger and shiny.  These were the benefits of eating tomatoes. Tomato Pickle Here, I am with a tomato recipe which is a pickle. This is a tangy spicy pickle made of tomatoes which goes well with Idli, dosa, chapatis and Roti. It can also be eaten with rice. Let's go into the details of the recipe. Preparation time : 45 minutes.  Note :  The tomatoes have to be washed and wiped off the water . All the ingredients have to be dry or else the pickle gets spoiled earlier. Ingredients Required : Tomatoes ripe - 10 to 12 Tamarind - Lemon sized 

10 Super Foods that Beat Depression and good for Mental health.

Introduction : Depression is leading cause of mental illness around the globe. With increase in sedentary lifestyle, availability of fast foods and processed foods, lack of communication owing to increased use of digital products, increase in nuclear families, and many more depression is increasing at an alarming rate. In this blog , I talk about diet which helps in people suffering from depression. Foods have been associated with not only physical health but also mental health. Certain foods help in relaxing and calming of mind. Here are few of them.. 1. Banana:  Banana contain serotonin which helps in transmission of nerve impulses and balances  mood causing feeling of happiness.  Bananas also contain Vitamin B6 which helps in synthesis of serotonin . Eating few bananas a day may help in natural production of serotonin. Bananas are also rich in fiber and other nutrients too. 2. Green tea : Green tea is rich in antioxidants and amino acids . Theanine is t