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Moringa Leaves - A Super Food That Must Be Included In Our Diet.

Introduction :

Drumstick leaves is highly nutritious green  leaves containing Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, B6, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, beta carotene, folic acid. Scientific name of drumstick plant is Moringa Oleifera.

Plant, Moringa Oleifera, Superfood, Moringa, Oleifera

Mrs. Asha, was feeling tired frequently.  Her haemoglobin levels were 9 gm/dl which is low and reason for her tiredness.  Doctor suggested her dietary modifications to increase her haemoglobin levels and drumstick leaves topped the list.

Let, us look into the health benefits of Drumstick leaves in detail.

Nutritive value :

1. As I told in introduction , it is rich source of calcium which is 4 times more calcium content than milk , 3 times the potassium content of bananas, 4 times vitamin A content of carrots , 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 2 times the protein in yogurt.

2. Moringa leaves is rich source of anti oxidants . Thus, it helps our body in preventing many diseases caused by oxidative stress by free radicals.

3. Drumstick leaves also help in lowering blood glucose levels and it is super food for diabetics.

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4. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels thus preventing heart diseases and regulating blood pressure.

5. It has anti cancer properties. It prevents cancer due to its antioxidant rich plus anti inflammatory properties.

6. Drumstick leaves has amino acids which protect our hair and skin. It is also found regular consumption of this wonder leaves will minimise the skin allergies .

7. It also helps in detoxification of liver . It can quicken the repair process by eliminating the toxins from our body.

8. The anti inflammatory properties of Moringa leaves helps in reduction of arthritis symptoms.

9. Drumstick leaves helps in digestion because of its Vitamin B content.  It helps in people with alimentary canal issues like gastritis, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome.

10. High calcium content in Moringa leaves helps to make bone stronger. It makes bone healing faster.

11. It has anti bacterial, anti fungal properties.  Helps in fighting infections caused by E.coli, salmonella.

12. It also reduces the chances of kidney stone formation.

13. It also improves eye sight because of its Vitamin A content.

14. Since its rich in minerals content like iron , calcium eating this leaves reduces fatigue and gives us energy thus treating mood disorders.

15. Moringa leaves also helps in regulating weight as it converts fat into energy.  It has more nutrients and nil cholesterol too.

16. It also helps in balancing the hormones. Menopause puts the women in a phase which can be physically, mentally as well as emotionally disturbing. It is found that drumstick helps in balancing the hormones and reducing the  symptoms . It also improves thyroid health.

How to include moringa leaves in your diet :

There are many ways to include this leaves in diet.

1. Moringa leaves can be used as side dish . You can also add egg at last of preparation as this combination goes too well. Personally I like this side dish.

2. It can also be used in preparation of curry. Boil the moringa leaves and strain the water. Use the water for preparation of the curry and use it with rice and leaves can be seasoned as a side dish.
Being from southern part of India , this is the way I include in my diet. Drumsticks are used in South Indian sambar which is tasty as well as nutritious.

3. Wash and sun dry the drumstick leaves and powder it. Use this powder while you kneed the wheat flour for chapati.

Moringa, Oleifera, Leaf Powder, Moringagarden, Healthy

4. Boil the fresh or dried leaves in water and drink it as Moringa tea.

5. Use the dried leaves as flake toppings on pizza.

6. Use fresh leaves as garnish in salads.

Moringa, Green, Healthy, Leafy Vegetables, Vegetable

I could only think of these many options , if you know some please do comment.

Side effects of Moringa leaves :

Consume in moderate quantity.  It is highly nutritious, consumption upto 6 gms daily for 3 weeks is safe however when taken in large amounts can lead to nausea. It can also cause uterine contractions in pregnant woman but the same taken in moderate amounts is beneficial.

Conclusion :

Moringa is called miracle food as it can prevent and treat many diseases. Drumstick leaves is abundantly found in India  Include this in your diet and reap its benefits .
If you found this blog informative, please do share it.

Thank you,
Divya Lokesh.


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