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15 Amazing Memory Improving Foods You Must Include In Diet .

Introduction : Adult Human brain consists only about 2% of our body weight, weighing about 1.3 to 1.4 Kg but consumes about 20% of our body energy for transmission of complex electrical signals to carry out our daily activities. Now, that we know that brain needs more oxygen than any other organ in our body which means that it needs good fuel too which is nothing but a healthy food which is needed to carry out the functions of brain. Let's, look at the foods that help in brain health - memory, concentration, reasoning. 1. Brahmi : Bacopa Monnieri , commonly called Brahmi contains certain compounds called bacosides which is responsible for improving memory and reducing anxiety. The leaves are bit bitter and you can include it in green leafy salad, curries, side dish. You can grow it in a pot in your home to use fresh leaves and reap its maximum benefits. 2. Cruciferous vegetables : Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower is found to improve memo

All About Ghee - Health benefits, How to Select, Store and Check for Adulteration of Ghee?

Introduction : Ghee is used in most of the traditional foods of India. Festival foods are incomplete without ghee. It is natural taste enhancer as well as nutritional enhancer. It is loaded with nutrients specially fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K. Ghee is a healthier option for sure to include in our everyday diet. Ghee Well , the scenario in 90's was different when it came to ghee. There were myths saying the ghee contains high cholesterol and is bad for heart health . The fact is that ghee contains short chain fatty acids which are actually found in plant origin which is easily digestible and the presence of this short chain fatty acids makes it healthier option inspite of saturated fatty acids present in ghee. Let us move on to the benefits of ghee : 1. Eases digestion and improves appetite : Butyric acid present naturally in ghee helps in easy digestion. Regular consumption of ghee is known to prevent stomach ulcers and also improves appetite.  2. Pr