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14 Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves - Wellness Love

Introduction : Curry leaves is an integral part of Indian foods used in seasoning for curries as well as side dishes. It enhances the flavour and taste of the whole food . Some of us remove off the curry leaves from the food but after reading this article, I am sure you will eat curry leaves too, such is the benefits of this mighty leaves. Botanical name of curry leaves: Murraya koenigii. 1. Reduces cholesterol levels : Curry leaves is rich in antioxidants which prevents oxidative stress thus decreasing LDL cholesterol levels (Bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL cholesterol levels (Good cholesterol)  preventing Atherosclerosis which is plague formation in blood vessels of heart leading to heart attacks. 2. Reduces blood sugar levels : Curry leaves has high fiber content which helps in regulating blood sugar levels . It helps in people with diabetes type - 2 by boosting the insulin activity and utilising the insulin thereby stabilising blood sugar levels. 3. Pro

Top 10 Sources Of Magnesium . Magnesium - Deficiency and Supplementation.

Introduction : Magnesium  is macro mineral required to perform various biochemical reactions in our body.  It has a key role in mechanism of heart, maintaining immunity, nerve conduction, for strong bones . Along with it , it may also reduce depression , reduce blood pressure and sugar levels.  Magnesium is also calcium channel blocker which mainly helps in relaxation of arteries and veins, which increases the blood flow . Studies have found deficiency of magnesium is associated with Myocardial Infraction( Heart Attack). Recommended Daily Allowance of Magnesium: 320 - 420 mg of magnesium a day for adults. It differs according to the age group , gender, certain medical ailments which causes magnesium deficiency such as diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders which affect the absorption process such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's disease. Now, Let's move on to the Top sources of Magnesium : 1. Spinach : Most of the green leafy vegetables are rich sou

10 Tips For Healthy Kidneys.

Introduction : Kidneys are vital organ which helps in elimination of toxic waste from our body in form of urine. It mainly filters the blood and removes the toxic substances while the nutrients are reabsorbed back into the body.  Here , are some tips to keep kidneys healthy. 1. Avoid excess of salt : Sodium chloride, commonly called salt is an essential part of our diet which provides minerals such as sodium , chloride and iodine required by our body. Recommended intake of salt per day :  WHO recommends not to exceed 5 gm of salt a day which is about one teaspoon a day. When excess of salt is taken in a diet , it rises the sodium level in blood which causes imbalance resulting in reduced ability of kidneys to remove water from the body causing water retention leading to increased blood pressure. Therefore, remember that salt is very essential for our bodily functions but excess of which causes strain on kidneys. 2. Use of over the counter NSAIDs for long term :

8 Daily Habits that are Damaging Your Brain.

Introduction : Human brain has nearly 100 billion neurons.  Among the other living creatures on earth , Human beings are unique in terms of anatomy and physiology of brain. We can say our brain is the powerful living computer.Thanks to human Brain. In this blog, I discuss about everyday habits that can damage your brain. 1. Lack of sleep : Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. Quality of sleep is important too.  During sleep our body is in process of detoxification which eliminates toxins from our body. Lack of sleep in long run results in accumulation of toxins in brain . 2. Sleeping with your heads covered : Many of them has a habit of covering their head with bed sheets or pillow as they feel comfortable and secure . But this habit is toxic to brain. When you cover your head the carbon dioxide you are exhaling is again inhaled resulting in reduced oxygen saturation in blood  which reaches brain and harming brain cells. 3. Eating alot of sugary and salt foods : Carbohydr