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14 Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves - Wellness Love

Introduction :

Curry leaves is an integral part of Indian foods used in seasoning for curries as well as side dishes. It enhances the flavour and taste of the whole food. Some of us remove off the curry leaves from the food but after reading this article, I am sure you will eat curry leaves too, such is the benefits of this mighty leaves.

Botanical name of curry leaves:
Murraya koenigii.

Kadipatta, Curry Leaf, Murraya Koenigii

1. Reduces cholesterol levels :

Curry leaves is rich in antioxidants which prevents oxidative stress thus decreasing LDL cholesterol levels (Bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL cholesterol levels (Good cholesterol)  preventing Atherosclerosis which is plague formation in blood vessels of heart leading to heart attacks.

Blood, Cells, Red, Medical, Medicine

2. Reduces blood sugar levels :

Curry leaves has high fiber content which helps in regulating blood sugar levels . It helps in people with diabetes type - 2 by boosting the insulin activity and utilising the insulin thereby stabilising blood sugar levels.

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3. Protects Liver :

Curry leaves has a powerful anti oxidant called kaempferol which protects the liver by preventing the oxidative stress. Thus , curry leaves is beneficial for people who are prone for liver ailments like alcoholics.

4. Prevents Anemia :

Being rich in iron and folic acid which is the good combination as iron gets absorbed best in presence of folic acid curry leaves can prevent anemia.

5. Good for eyes :

Vitamin A content in this leaves helps to prevent night blindness.  Carotenoids produced from vitamin A protect cornea of the eye.

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6. Bone health :

Calcium and phosphorus content in curry leaves helps in stronger bones preventing osteoporosis .

7. Weight loss :

Curry leaves has carbazole alkaloids which prevents weight gain.
Also, it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and aids in detoxification which helps in weight loss.

8. Eases digestion :

High in fiber content curry leaves helps with digestion process and also prevents constipation. 

9. Relieves diarrhoea:

Curry leaves is natural anti bacterial and is known to relieve diarrhoea too along with its other digestion benefits. 

10. Prevents cancer :

A good source of carbazole alkaloids it too prevents cancer especially prostate and intestinal and rectal related cancer.

11. Dental health :

Anti bacterial action of this leaves will also help teeth along with its calcium and phosphorus content.

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12. Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and Radiation:

Chemotherapy and Radiation done to treat the cancer cells is associated with other side effects.  Curry leaves is known to reduce these side effects .

External uses :

13. For hair :

Curry leaves nourishes the hair and may also prevents premature greying of hair.

How to use :

You can make a paste and apply as hair pack few hours before head bath.
Also you can add the leaves in oil you use for hair and warm the oil before application.

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14.  On skin:

Anti microbial action of this leaves makes it use in case of acne as a result of bacteria.
Apply the paste of this leaves which may help to reduce acne.

How to include curry leaves  in your lifestyle:

  • Add the leaves in most of the curries and side dishes and eat it.
  • Make a powder from clean leaves and eat it raw or mix it up with hot rice and ghee . You can also dry roast split black gram and Bengal gram along with red chillies,salt to make it more tasty.
  • Make a juice out of it and drink it.
Note :

Always wash the curry leaves properly before using it as it sometimes may harbour eggs of certain parasites specially in rainy season.

Storage Instructions :

Remove the leaves from the stem and store it in airtight container and refrigerate. You can place tissue paper at bottom of container which absorbs the moisture and keeps the leaves fresh for extended days.

Conclusion :

Curry leaves is gift of nature. Aim to eat atleast 4 to 5  curry leaves a day.  It helps to improve your overall health on long term with additional external benefits of good skin and hair too. If found informative, please do share this article with your loved ones.
Thank you..


  1. Curry leaves is also a very important aspect of my hometown's cooking and the health benefits are quite numerous.

    One particular aspect of it's benefits apart from the taste it gives to food,is it's role in weight loss.

    I once used curry leaves together with ginger during my journey to weight loss.

    Now that I read it here again,the knowledge is refreshed and I am going to go back to adding curry leaves to my meals


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