8 Daily Habits that are Damaging Your Brain.

Introduction :

Human brain has nearly 100 billion neurons.  Among the other living creatures on earth , Human beings are unique in terms of anatomy and physiology of brain. We can say our brain is the powerful living computer.Thanks to human Brain. In this blog, I discuss about everyday habits that can damage your brain.

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1. Lack of sleep :

Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. Quality of sleep is important too. 
During sleep our body is in process of detoxification which eliminates toxins from our body. Lack of sleep in long run results in accumulation of toxins in brain .

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2. Sleeping with your heads covered :

Many of them has a habit of covering their head with bed sheets or pillow as they feel comfortable and secure . But this habit is toxic to brain.
When you cover your head the carbon dioxide you are exhaling is again inhaled resulting in reduced oxygen saturation in blood  which reaches brain and harming brain cells.

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3. Eating alot of sugary and salt foods :

Carbohydrates is the main source of energy and vital too. But excess of junk eating  too is bad. Elevated levels of sugar leads to decreased cognition and memory problems.
Too much of salt leads in increased pressure of blood which affects the blood circulation affecting brain.

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Stress is common when we are anxious, scared in response to flight and fright response due to adrenaline hormone which goes off once we are out of that situation and it doesn't have any  harmful effects.
But chronic stress, that is continuous stressful conditions over long period of time impacts the brain . It results in shrinkage of cells which may even lead to dementia.

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5. Dehydration:

About 60% of our body is water. Water is essential not only for physical but mental functions too.
Dehydration results in electrolyte imbalance which effects in neuron stimulation and transmission. 
You might have observed few of them getting headaches when they don't drink water enough.

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6. Addiction to drugs :

Smoking, alcoholism, and addiction to drugs affects brain. Chemicals in these abusive drugs alters neuro transmission.These put in a danger of addiction which on run changes the mechanism of brain impairing reasoning, judging,memory and decision making.

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7. Leading sedentary lifestyle:

You would have heard "Sitting is the new smoking." Sitting for long hours affect most of the organs including brain. Sedentary lifestyle poses risk of cardiovascular diseases which in turn affect brain.

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8. Staying indoors most of the time :

Vitamin D deficiency leads to decrease in cognitive function and for children it is essential for neuron development.  Lack of vitamin D also leads to depression.  Expose yourself to early morning and evening sunlight.

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Few other small tips to avoid brain damage:

1. Do not keep your cell phone near the pillow while sleeping. Keep at a distance. You can turn the flight mode on while sleeping.

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2. Talk to people around. Involve yourself in learning new things . Learn something which you always wanted to learn since childhood but could not.

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3. If you live in highly polluted cities , try enrolling your child to nearby schools , work place near your house if possible as it prevents long term exposure to pollution.

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4. Develop a habit to be physically active be it a yoga, gym, swimming, or be it a regular walking which interests you and is convenient for you so that you don't stop it.

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5. Do some brain exercise which could be reading, logical thinking, solving puzzles ,whatever interests you. 

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