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12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jaggery - Wellness Love.

Introduction :

Jaggery is sweetener made from sugar cane. It is used in preparing sweet dishes. Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets made from jaggery. Also it is given when you are heading for some important work to wish success.  Here are amazing health benefits of jaggery on health. After reading this , I am sure that you will include jaggery in your everyday life.

Jaggery is unrefined sugar from concentrated sugarcane juice.
It is healthier option than sugar as it is unrefined loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

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Health Benefits of Jaggery :

1. Why to include jaggery in your diet this winter ?
  • Jaggery helps in maintaining the body temperature.
  • It helps to keep the body warm during winters.
  • It also helps in treating cold and cough common in winter.
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2. Aids in digestion :

Our ancestors used to have a small piece of jaggery at the end of meal. Did you know that this actually increases the digestive juices which helps in speeding up the digestive process thereby removing the load on GI tract.

3. Prevents Iron deficiency Anemia :

Jaggery is a rich source of iron thus preventing iron deficiency anemia. Iron should be taken with vitamin C content foods such as oranges, lemon , kiwi which helps in increased  absorption of iron resulting in improved haemoglobin levels.

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4. Prevents constipation :

Now we already know that jaggery enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes which aid in digestion  thus increasing the peristalsis in intestine which pushes out the faecal matter out of the body .

5. Overcome fatigue and weakness :

After a long tiring day, when you feel tired a piece of jaggery can come in to your rescue as it is healthy sugar loaded with energy.

6. Jaggery on urinary system :

Sugarcane has diuretic properties so is the byproduct, jaggery.  It increases the urinary flow thus helping in people with urinary tract infections.

7. Premenstrual  syndrome :

Jaggery acts as muscle relaxant reducing uterine cramps , relieving pain in abdomen. It can also reduce other PMS symptoms such as backache, headache, anxiety and mood swings.

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8. Jaggery on Arthritis :

When jaggery taken with ginger helps to reduce arthritis symptoms of joint pain.It also helps in strengthening bones.

9. Boosts immunity :

Loaded with antioxidants and micro minerals such as zinc and selenium jaggery boosts immunity by preventing the free radical damage to cells.

10. Detoxification of liver :

Jaggery helps in increasing the digestive enzymes and in liver it is bile. This helps in detoxification of liver.

11. Controls blood pressure  :

Jaggery contains potassium which helps in removing excess sodium from the body which reduces blood pressure.

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12. Good for skin and hair :

Jaggery , being a rich source of antioxidants helps to fight free radicals and delay the signs of ageing like sagging and wrinkle skin. 
Iron content in jaggery makes brittle hair strong and lustrous.

How all you can include jaggrey in diet?
  • A piece of raw jaggery after meals.
  • Jaggrey added to lemon juice instead of sugar. Since lemon is citrus fruit containing vitamin C , absorption of iron in jaggrey is at best.
  • Replace jaggery instead of sugar in coffee and tea.
  • Sweets made up of jaggery.

Selection of jaggrey :

Jaggery comes in lighter and darker versions.  The darker it is,  the better as it doesn't involve much refining and nutrients is intact.

Storage of Jaggery :

Jaggrey is available in cube, rounded and even powdered forms. Store in an airtight containers. It is advised to break into smaller cubes and store so that we use the necessary quantity and the rest doesn't come in contact with moisture. While using the powdered forms use dry spoon.

Note :

Jaggery has to avoided or limited in people with diabetes according to their blood sugar levels.When feel to have sweets it is better to go for jaggrey sweets than sugar ones but in limited portions as per their sugar levels and physical activity.
  • Coming to calorie count,both sugar and jaggery contains same amount. It is only that minerals are retained in jaggery compared to sugar which involves chemical process. Therefore use in small amounts if you are diabetic or aiming for weight loss.
Conclusion :

Jaggery comes with whole lot of benefits.  Include this in limited levels in your everyday life to reap its benefits. If found informative, please share with people you care.

Thank you..


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