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20 Foods good for the Heart - Wellness Love.

Heart diseases is increasing in today's world irrespective of age. We get to hear heart attacks at young age. Diet plays an important role in heart health. Let's discuss foods good for the heart health in this article. 1. Green leafy vegetables : Green leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamin K which helps in blood clotting mechanism keeping arteries healthy.  Spinach, broccoli, kale, parsley are among them. Studies have shown regular inclusion of greens in diet significantly reduced the risk of Coronary heart disease. 2. Fatty fish: Fatty fish like salmon, tuna , mackerel are high in omega 3 fatty acids which reduces cholesterol levels , blood pressure thus decreasing the risk of heart disease. If you are not the one consuming fish, consider fish oil supplementation for the required omega 3 fatty acids with doctor's prescription. 3. Almonds : Almonds are high in good unsaturated fatty acids which increases the high density Lipoprotein which protects the

12 Health Benefits of Garlic - Wellness Love.

Introduction : Garlic is used in different cuisines all over the world. It adds in taste and flavour to the food. A single bulb of garlic consists of 10 to 20 cloves and you feel the strong smell when you remove the peel due to its sulfur content which infact adds into its medicinal value. Let's go into the benefits of garlic : 1. Nutritional composition : Garlic is low in calories packed with manganese, vitamin B6, calcium, iron and traces of other nutrients too. 2. Reduces blood cholesterol levels : Garlic helps to lower total cholesterol and LDL levels. 3. Reduces the frequency of getting cold : Garlic strengthens immune system and also reduces the symptoms of flu as well as reduce the susceptibility of getting cold frequently.  If you are the one who gets cold frequently, include this wonderful garlic in your lifestyle.  As well as try including small amounts of garlic in your children food as they are the one's who are prone for flu due to still develop

12 Benefits of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) : The Miraculous Herb - Wellness Love.

Brahmi scientifically called Bacopa monnieri is used in ayurveda medicines since centuries mainly for increasing concentration, attention span and intelligence. Interesting, the leaves too resemble the cerebellum part of the brain. Brahmi usually grows in tropical wet climate and can live in submerged water making it aquatic plant too. It can also be grown in pots so that it is easily accessible for use. Brahmi contains compound called bacosides which are responsible for the wide benefits of brahmi. Now, let us move on to the benefits of brahmi : 1. Improves memory : Brahmi consumption has been linked to increased term, short term and long term memory. It also has calming effect on brain thereby reducing  anxiety and stress. 2. Antioxidant rich Brahmi : The powerful bacosides compound in brahmi is antioxidant rich which means it prevents the damage caused by free radicals.   This damage by free radicals affects brain, heart and other organs. Therefore, consumption of brahmi

14 Health Benefits of Neem , side effects and contraindications of Neem usage- Wellness Love

Introduction : Neem leaves is used in ayurveda as medicine. The leaves, bark, flowers of neem tree are used . It has got cultural significance too. In Makara sankranti festival, the neem leaves are eaten along with jaggrey in South India. Scientific name of neem : Azadirachta indica. Let's move on to benefits of neem : 1. Anti fungal property : Neem has anti fungal properties  which makes it use in treatment of fungal infections.  Fungal infections in the foot ( Athlete's foot) can be cured with application of fresh neem leaf paste. 2. Neem on skin : Neem is rich in antioxidants which helps to remove the free radicals and thus prevent the damage. Hence, it protects the skin It also maintains moisture, maintains elasticity of skin and prevents wrinkle formation . Its antibacterial action keeps the acne caused by bacteria at bay. It also helps the skin to glow. These are the reasons we find soap and face washes with neem content in it. 3. Neem on warts and chi

10 Habits that Damage your Liver- Wellness Love Blog.

Liver is one of the main digestive organ in our body which helps in carrying out numerous vital functions.  Let's go through some of its functions . Functions of Liver : 1. It secretes bile which is mainly responsible for fat digestion.  2. It is graveyard for the Red blood cells. After completion of RBC life span these Red Blood Cells undergo decomposition in the liver. 3. Regulation of glycogen storage according to body needs. 4. All the drugs, herbs, alcohol or whatever you take is processed in the liver. Now , we will move on to Habits that damage Liver : 1. Obesity : Liver helps in maintaining and regulation of sugar and fat in our body.  Obesity can lead to over build up of fat cells in liver which overtime can damage the liver cells. 2. Long term intake of certain pain killers : Pain killers like acetaminophen when taken in large doses and in long term can damage liver. Hence, use pain killers with prescription and see that you are not combining the acetamino