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Liver is one of the main digestive organ in our body which helps in carrying out numerous vital functions.  Let's go through some of its functions .

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Functions of Liver :

1. It secretes bile which is mainly responsible for fat digestion. 

2. It is graveyard for the Red blood cells. After completion of RBC life span these Red Blood Cells undergo decomposition in the liver.

3. Regulation of glycogen storage according to body needs.

4. All the drugs, herbs, alcohol or whatever you take is processed in the liver.

Now , we will move on to Habits that damage Liver :

1. Obesity :

Liver helps in maintaining and regulation of sugar and fat in our body.  Obesity can lead to over build up of fat cells in liver which overtime can damage the liver cells.

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2. Long term intake of certain pain killers :

Pain killers like acetaminophen when taken in large doses and in long term can damage liver. Hence, use pain killers with prescription and see that you are not combining the acetaminophen drugs at once.
Either over the counter or with prescription see that you do not overuse the drug.

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3. Alcohol  :

Well, this is the first thing on mind when it comes to habit damaging liver. When taken in heavy doses and frequent intervals , it affects the hepatic cells. Liver concentrates on making the alcohol less toxic and the workload on liver increases thereby hindering its other functions .
Therefore, stop or limit the alcohol intake.

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4. Smoking :

Smoking is the worst thing  you can do to your body. It affects all the parts of body and liver too is not spared.
Smoking causes oxidative stress which releases free radicals which damages hepatic cells.

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5. Lack of sleep :

Our body goes into mode of repair when we sleep. Liver is main organ which helps in detoxification. Lack of sleep affects the liver . Therefore, 8 to 9 hours of uninterrupted  sleep helps in rejuvenating the whole system including liver.

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6. Inadequate intake of water :

Water is necessary for the process of detoxification. Inadequate intake of liquids interrupts the detoxification process affecting liver.

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7. Intake of processed foods :

Processed foods contain high sodium and sugar levels which is bad for the health of heart as well as liver. It is not possible to completely avoid it, but atleast limit its intake.

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8. Dietary supplements  :

Over use of dietary supplements can be harmful for liver. We are not aware of its contents. These days protein supplement is on high and considered substitute for breakfast which is not good . Instead consult doctor and use on prescription for healthy liver and body.

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9. Sedentary lifestyle :

Not getting adequate exercise too is bad for overall health and liver too. Exercise helps in removing toxins through sweat and decreases workload on liver whose work is detoxification.

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10. Severe malnutrition:

Severe protein malnutrition especially in young children called kwashiorkar and marasmus is associated with certain metabolic disturbance which affects the hepatic cells. Therefore, both malnutrition and obesity is linked to increased incidence of liver disorders.

Amazing fact about Liver :

Liver has capacity to regrow. If you donate about half of your liver it can completely regrow to its original size.
Therefore , its is good news. Stop the bad habits and you can recover the harm you have done . But , if you continue with your damaging habits the liver reaches a point where it cannot regenerate its cells , final stage called cirrhosis of liver.


Conclusion :

Now that you are aware of liver damaging habits , a simple change in your lifestyle can come into rescue. Thanks for reading this article.  If found informative, please do share it with your loved ones.

Thank you..
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