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Introduction :

Neem leaves is used in ayurveda as medicine. The leaves, bark, flowers of neem tree are used . It has got cultural significance too. In Makara sankranti festival, the neem leaves are eaten along with jaggrey in South India.

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Scientific name of neem :

Azadirachta indica.

Let's move on to benefits of neem :

1. Anti fungal property :

Neem has anti fungal properties  which makes it use in treatment of fungal infections.  Fungal infections in the foot ( Athlete's foot) can be cured with application of fresh neem leaf paste.

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2. Neem on skin :

Neem is rich in antioxidants which helps to remove the free radicals and thus prevent the damage. Hence, it protects the skin
It also maintains moisture, maintains elasticity of skin and prevents wrinkle formation .
Its antibacterial action keeps the acne caused by bacteria at bay.
It also helps the skin to glow. These are the reasons we find soap and face washes with neem content in it.

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3. Neem on warts and chicken pox :

Along with its antifungal, antibacterial nature, its antiviral too which makes it use in warts and chicken pox.
Freshly prepared neem leaf paste is applied on chicken pox and warts which helps in speedy recovery.

4. Dental health:

Our ancestors used neem twigs to brush their teeth . With its antibacterial properties it is found to reduce bacterial count in mouth and shown to decrease the plaque build up. These days there are tooth paste made from neem .

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5. Rheumatic pain :

Joint Pain from Rheumatoid arthritis is relieved by application of neem oil. 
Apply neem oil and massage gently to affected joint.
It also relieves muscle ache.

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6. Insect repellent :

You can use neem oil 10 to 12 drops mixed with coconut oil and apply topically to repel mosquitoes. 
You can burn the neem leaves or keep the cotton dipped in neem oil alternatively which acts as insects repellent.

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7. Diabetes :

Neem decreases the blood sugar levels . Therefore , use with caution and monitor the blood sugar levels.
Consult doctor before using neem .

8. Improves Immunity:

It is found that intake of neem results in improved immunity.  It is given to people with fever due to malaria. Neem is very bitter to taste but results are miraculous.

9. Improves appetite:

Neem is known to improve appetite . If you are suffering from loss of appetite try neem. You can eat the leaves of neem or try neem tea. 

10. Antihelmintic property:

Neem helps in removing the parasites in stomach through feces. Thereby, it is natural anti helmentic.

11. Prevents Cancer :

Polysaccharides present in neem leaves fight cancerous cells thus preventing cancer.

12. Neem on hair :

Using neem hair pack helps to curb any scalp infections , dandruff and also stimulates hair follicles to grow and the result is thick and beautiful long hair.
Neem oil is used to treat lice. Neem disturbs the life cycle of louse and works as natural insecticide . Mix the neem oil with coconut oil and apply to the hair and comb the hair . Wash it with mild shampoo . Repeat the process 2 times a week until the lice is rid off.

13. Detoxification :

Neem detoxifies blood.
Neem helps in detoxification which helps in maintaining healthy liver and kidney.

14. Respiratory and Heart health :

Neem supports clear breathing supporting good heart and lung health.

Note :

While there is alot of health benefits. That doesn't mean you can take it in heavy doses. Eat just a leaf or two for a week  and stop for a week and then later you can restart. High doses of neem has alot of side effects which includes vomiting 
, dizziness, coma. Use in low doses.

Who should not consume Neem :

  • Neem directly or in oil form should not be used by pregnant woman as there is a risk of abortion. Therefore, if you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy do not consume neem.

  • It should not be given to small children as they cannot tolerate it. It may result in vomiting and serious side effects too.

Conclusion :

Neem is natural divine medicinal herb with alot of benefits to health.  Use this as per your necessity to reap benefits. If you found this article helpful, please share with your family and friends.

Health Disclaimer :

The Information on this site is not intended or implied to be substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis or treatment.
Always seek the guidance of your doctor. Do not ignore medical advice because of something you have read on this website.

Thank you..
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