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8 Habits that Damage Bone Health- Wellness Love.

Introduction : Bones are the structures that gives us structure and protect the vital organs of our body. There are many other numerous functions like production of the blood cells happen in bone marrow. Calcium, phosphorous is stored in the bones. It also helps in movement . With all these vital functions of bones, I am here discussing bad habits that damage the health of bone. 1. Sedentary lifestyle : You would have heard, ''sitting is the new smoking.''  Being sedentary increases the risk of low bone density especially in adults where there is decreased rate of formation of new bone cells posing the risk of osteoporosis , fractures. Therefore, include moderate level exercises in your lifestyle and ditch sitting for long hours. 2. Smoking : Smoking releases various harmful chemicals which affects all the organs along with musculoskeletal system preventing the formation of new bone cells , also increasing cortisol levels weakening the bone and

Zinc ,the Essential Micronutrient : Functions, RDA, Sources ,Deficiency, and Supplementation.

Introduction : Zinc is an essential trace nutrient required by our body in smaller quantities.  Our body do not produce zinc and therefore we need to get it from food sources or through supplements . Some of the functions of zinc include : Even though we require zinc in smaller quantities its role in our body is vital. 1. Boosts immune system 2. Normal Growth and development in children. 3. Prevents frequent cold in children. 4. Helps in DNA synthesis and protein synthesis. 5. Needed for sense of taste and smell. 6. Needed for several  reactions in our body which involves digestion. RDA ( Recommended Dietary Allowance)  : 8 mg in women. 11 mg in pregnant and lactating women. 11 mg in men. Sources : Plant sources: Legumes : Lentils, chickpeas. Nuts : cashews, pumpkin seeds,almonds. Dairy products: Milk, curds. Vegetables: Mushrooms. Whole grains: whole wheat, brown rice.