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8 Habits that Damage Bone Health- Wellness Love.

Introduction :

Bones are the structures that gives us structure and protect the vital organs of our body. There are many other numerous functions like production of the blood cells happen in bone marrow. Calcium, phosphorous is stored in the bones. It also helps in movement . With all these vital functions of bones, I am here discussing bad habits that damage the health of bone.

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1. Sedentary lifestyle :

You would have heard, ''sitting is the new smoking.''  Being sedentary increases the risk of low bone density especially in adults where there is decreased rate of formation of new bone cells posing the risk of osteoporosis , fractures. Therefore, include moderate level exercises in your lifestyle and ditch sitting for long hours.

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2. Smoking :

Smoking releases various harmful chemicals which affects all the organs along with musculoskeletal system preventing the formation of new bone cells , also increasing cortisol levels weakening the bone and inhibits calcitonin hormone which helps in building bone.

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3. Not getting enough sunlight :

Sunlight has natural vitamin D required by the bones as the calcium in body gets absorbed in the presence of vitamin D. Therefore, go out spend time outdoors and consume foods rich in vitamin D like salmon, egg yolk. 

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4. Eating too much of salt :

The more amount of salt you intake the more calcium is excreted by your body along with sodium and you lose more calcium thus weakening your bones .
RDI : 2300 mg of salt a day.

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5. Drinking carbonated drinks :

Carbonated drinks contain phosphate which flavours the drink that interfere with calcium absorption and result in loss of calcium from bone.

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6. Improper posture :

This everyday habit of following bad posture can affect the bone .
Nowadays, people are looking at phones for long time with their heads bend which on long run strains the muscles of neck and worsens osteoporosis.

7. Lack of sleep :

Lack of sleep affects the bone restoration process and thus increasing chances of osteoporosis at later stages of life.

8. Over consumption of alcohol :

Over consumption of alcohol effects the calcium balance and increased cortisol levels leads to increased bone loss and lack of formation of new bone cells.

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Conclusion :

Avoid all the above habits and prevent osteoporosis and other bone related issues . If found informative, please do share with your loved ones.
Thank you.


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