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Proteins - Recommended intake, benefits, supplementation and its effects on health.

Proteins are building blocks of our body with vital functions. Some of the functions of proteins are:

Helps in growth of the body and hence proteins play vital role in children. Helps in repair of the cells. Helps in building muscles. Enzymes are made up of proteins which aids in digestion. Harmones too are made up of protein which aids in many functions. Ex. Insulin in glucose metabolism. Haemoglobin too is protein which supplies oxygen to all body cells. Proteins provides energy .It provides you with 4 calories per gram. Proteins acts as a buffer system maintaining pH of our body. Proteins are fibrous thus providing rigidity and structure to the cell giving it a shape and structure. RDI{Recommended Daily Intake}:
0.8 gm per kg body weight.
56 gms for average sedentary man. 46 gms for average sedentary woman. Note:

Protein requirement varies according to age, activity level,muscle mass and status of health.30% of total calorie intake should come from protein.Older people require mor…
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Benefits of Minerals to our body- Sources, and its RDA

Minerals are an essential component for our body to perform various vital functions ranging from growth and development to cardiac activity.
Minerals are divided into two types based on the amount required for our body.

1. Macro Minerals:

These nutrients are required in larger amounts . calcium, phosphorus,magnesium,sodium chloride,potassium. 

2. Trace Minerals :

These minerals are required only in trace amounts. Iron,copper,iodine,zinc etc.

CALCIUM:  Function: Formation of healthy teeth and bones.  Maintain fluid balance. Regulating Heart beat. Helps in blood clotting mechanism.  Nerve impulse transmission. 
Sources : Milk

*RDA : 1000 -1200 mg.  Women and older age group require higher levels upto 1200 mg.
PHOSPHORUS:  Phosphorus is an essential macro mineral.  Function: Helps in formation of teeth and bones . Helps in protein synthesis which is required for growth.

Sources : Milk,
Milk products
Whole grains.

RDA : 700 mg.
Helps in building prote…

Cancer Prevention - Tips to lower the risk of cancer.

In this blog,we will learn few ways that can prevent  cancer.
Now a days, we get to hear alot about cancer . It is increasing probably due to modern lifestyle, chemically grown crops , sedentary lifestyle, usage of plastics , smoking and the list is endless .

Avoid plastics and aluminium foil when it comes to food :

The chemicals in plastic seeps into the food or drink . It is high when u place the hot food or drink. Even u freeze the containers the entry of chemicals is also increased . Therefore, both hot and cold extreme temperature results in entry of chemicals to food.

Do not drink tea or hot beverages in plastic cup. Avoid chats in plastic plateAvoid  parcel of foods in plastic .
Stop smoking:

Smoking is the major cause of cancer .
 It causes many types of cancer including throat,head
and neck,oral,larynx,liver,pancreas,stomach,bladder,kidney,cervix and few types of leukemia. So if u notice, smoking leads to cancer of almost all the body parts from head to toe.
If you don't smoke…

Herbal Tea- DIY herbal tea's its Benefits, and limitations.

People have been drinking tea since age old days.  Herbal tea is a great way to add in our diet for it's taste as well as its medicinal values. Regular consumption of these teas provide you with long term health benefits. So , Why to wait ? Replace your sugary and caffeinated drink with these herbal teas. I know its hard initially but at least replace one time of caffeinated drink with these beneficial beverages.

 Here, are few herbal teas, which I make at my home.

Lime tea :
It's an beverage which is tasty as well as a great vitamin c supplement.  Preparation :
Take a big glass of water (200 ml) in a vessel and add jaggrey to it . Boil it for few  minutes. Add black tea powder and simmer for 15 seconds. Finally add lime juice after you put off the stove.
Benefits : A great supplement of vitamin c. Helps in maintaining weight. Replenishes with fluid along with vitamins.Controls the cravings to eat junk food .Good for skin and hair.Fights infections.Prevents cancer.NOTE
Drink upto…

14 Health tips that women over 30 must follow.


30s is transition age for women as few are planning for motherhood ,few are mothers whose world revolves around their children's care and family. With all these , they tend to neglect their health. Here are few health tips for women in their  thirties.
1. DIET :
Metabolism rate decreases as we reach 30 and hence we should concentrate on our food. Do not indulge in mindless eating. Cut down on carbohydrates. Include millets, wheat, ragi in diet Drink lime tea, ginger tea,tulsi tea, cinnamon tea, green tea which increases your metabolic rate. Have cheat meals less and healthy meals more. Include right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet.  Add more vegetables to the curry you are making and eat good amount of vegetables and cut down a bit of rice. Eat fruits when your stomach is empty. Don't include it soon after your food.

2. Milk :
30s is time when bone mass starts getting depleted causing back pain an…

Deep Venous Thrombosis- Causes, Risk Factors, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Deep Venous Thrombosis is formation of blood clot in one or more deep veins of the body particularly  in the legs.   It may cause leg pain usually one sided with swelling and sometimes it is asymptomatic.
Mr. John,50 year old man suddenly started experiencing  left leg pain.When consulted doctor,the doctor diagnosed it as DVT and  said it is an emergency  and should start medicines immediately. Let's see what is DVT ? Causes , signs and symptoms , treatment and prevention in this blog.

Causes :
Bed rest for long periods in case of accidents.Limited movement, sitting in a place for long time without moving extremities.Medical conditions which affect blood like sickle cell anemia, haematologic malignancies.
Who are at Risk :
Long hours of driving or travel by plane.Long hours of sitting causes the stasis of blood in the lower extremity and the calf muscle do not contract to help the blood circulate causing risk for thrombosis or clot formation.

Pregnancy : 
While DVT is not common in pregna…

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