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15 Simple changes in cooking towards healthier you..

Introduction :

Cooking is an art. When you mix it with a science of nutrition you can reap its maximum benefits.'' We are what we eat'' and so focus on the simple changes in your cooking methods for healthier lifestyle.

1. Replace refined white rice with parboiled rice :
Parboiled rice has a low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics too. It has good amount of fiber,calcium,potassium,and vitamin B6 than the refined white rice.
If you find difficult to use for all the varieties of food, use it for curd rice as parboiled rice goes well with curd rice.

2. Replace refined oil with filtered oil :
Refining process removes all the nutrients and also certain chemicals are added which may be bad for our health. Therefore, use filtered oil.

3. Replace  refined sugar with Jaggery or Honey :
Refined sugar manufacturing involves use of chemicals which are harmful.  Use Jaggrey, honey or stevia which comes with lot of other health benefits too. 

4. Use sprouted grams more than unsp…
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Have Canker sores (Mouth ulcers) ? Is your toothpaste responsible ? Read out this blog about SLS and its side effects.

Introduction :
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent widely used in toothpaste, household detergents, shampoos, cleaning agents to enhance the function of the product. It is inexpensive and an effective foaming agent and so is extensively used .

One of my friend had canker sore ( Ulcers in Mouth ) for few months. She had taken vitamin supplements but all in vain. That is when I came across this relation between Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and canker sores. Sodium Lauryl sulfate is an irritant which irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth which causes canker sores. She replaced her toothpaste with SLS free toothpaste which is when she noticed her canker sores were healing.
For many there may be no reaction to Sodium Lauryl sulfate but few may have its side effects like canker sores .

Myths about SLS :

There was news that SLS causes cancer but the American Cancer Society ruled out that SLS  is not carcinogen but it is a known irritant .

  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Allergy :

As you now know that SL…

Sleep - Benefits of sleep and 10 tips for good sleep hygiene in children

Sleep is an integral part of our circadian rhythm which has plenty of health benefits. Sleep is utmost important to all the age groups . In this blog we are focusing on sleep in children.
Baby. Riya , 4 year old girl sleeps around 11 PM after her mom comes from work and wakes up at 6 am as her school starts early. It's just 7 hours of sleep she gets. She has less attention span in school and throws tantrums at house which may be due to lack of sleep .

Let's go through benefits of sleep in children:
1. Promotes Growth in Children:
Growth hormone is secreted by pituitary gland in brain during sleep  which is essential for the child's growth.
2. Improves Immunity :
cytokines are released during sleep which helps in fighting infection and stress. children who sleep for 9 to 10 hours have decreased incidence of illness. If the child has cold, that is reason doctor advice for proper rest and sleep.
3. Improves attention span and learning :
Too little sleep causes the child to be hypera…

OCD- Meaning, Risk factors, Symptoms,diagnosis and Treatment.

Obsessive Compulsive disorder is a disorder characterised by thoughts which are excessive in nature leading to certain repetitive behaviours which can harm a person psychologically according to the extent of OCD. Each of us do some repetitive actions which relieves us but it is normal only if it is in limit and do not harm us mentally and physically.
Personally, I usually check if door is locked and gas is off around 4 to 5 times when I go to sleep and while going out. I can't sleep without checking this number of times even though I know checking once is enough. I developed this in my teens but the difference is I use to check on gas and door for nearly 20 times then which was high but now I have consciously reduced it but not stopped.  But people with OCD involve themselves in this unnecessary actions for long hours in a day and they may not like doing this actions but are relieved or comforted after repetitive actions.
In this blog ,I will throw light on OCD , its s…

Confused with the selection of cooking oil? 8 cooking oils towards healthier life..


Cooking oil selection is a dilemma for many. With new oils coming into market in the name of zero cholesterol , low absorption, we are naturally confused in selection of oil. I remember when I was kid my mom using groundnut oil. Later in 90's sunflower oil gained  popularity. Let's see the types of cooking oil to use and its benefits .

1. Ghee :

Ayurveda has given alot of importance to ghee owing to its healing properties. It contains omega-3 fatty acids with Vitamin A. It is good source of energy and easily digestible too. Ghee is good for heart health too . It lowers LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and increases HDL (Good Cholesterol). Ghee should be taken in small quantity everyday. Children diet should include ghee which gives them necessary fats for healthy growth. Adding a tea spoon of ghee in diet also decreases the incidence of arthritis.You can use ghee for seasoning curries and also as topping . It  enhances the taste and also helps in loosing weight when taken in sm…

Pre-Pregnancy planning checklist - 10 steps towards healthy pre pregnancy planning.


Pre pregnancy planning is necessary to prevent complications in pregnancy and birth defects in fetus which may be lifelong. Pregnancy is beautiful phase in every woman's life. A healthy baby is the wish of everyone and in order to nurture a healthy fetus women has to be healthy too. Here are few pre pregnancy checklist you can follow :
1. Eat food rich in folic acid :
Folic acid is very essential to prevent birth defects specially Spina bifida. Healthy nervous system formation in fetus requires folic acid . Folic acid rich food includes:
Green leafy vegetables specially spinach.

Citrus fruits




RDA(Recommended Daily Intake)

400 mcg of folic acid . If you are planning for pregnancy you can take upto 800 mcg. Eat nutritious diet: 
Include Iron containing foods like green leafy vegetables, dates,If your anaemic, stabilise your haemoglobin levels. ALSO REFER :

Eat calcium rich diet ex:…

Proteins - Recommended intake, benefits, supplementation and its effects on health.

Proteins are building blocks of our body with vital functions. Some of the functions of proteins are:

Helps in growth of the body and hence proteins play vital role in children. Helps in repair of the cells. Helps in building muscles. Enzymes are made up of proteins which aids in digestion. Harmones too are made up of protein which aids in many functions. Ex. Insulin in glucose metabolism. Haemoglobin too is protein which supplies oxygen to all body cells. Proteins provides energy .It provides you with 4 calories per gram. Proteins acts as a buffer system maintaining pH of our body. Proteins are fibrous thus providing rigidity and structure to the cell giving it a shape and structure. RDI{Recommended Daily Intake}:
0.8 gm per kg body weight.
56 gms for average sedentary man. 46 gms for average sedentary woman. Note:

Protein requirement varies according to age, activity level,muscle mass and status of health.30% of total calorie intake should come from protein.Older people require mor…